Shopify Education Partners

Shopify Education Partners create courses that can help you launch and grow your business. The courses cover a wide range of best practices and topics, including how to source products, design your store, and find customers. To know whether a course was created by a Shopify Education Partner, look for the approved course badge:

Each course with this badge has been reviewed and approved by Shopify.

Shopify-approved courses have many benefits:

  • They've been carefully reviewed to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • They've been designed specifically to help you launch and grow your business.
  • They've been developed by experienced and trusted Shopify merchants.

Approved courses

The following courses have been approved by Shopify. Courses are organized by the language of instruction. If a course isn't listed here, then it hasn't been approved by Shopify.

Brazilian Portuguese








If you run a course and want to have it listed here, then see Becoming a Shopify Education Partner.

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