Ensuring that your store complies with Shopify's policies

At Shopify, we believe in making commerce better for everyone. To help with this mission, we try to provide you with the information that'll help you to make informed decisions about how you sell your products using our platform.

We perform routine platform scans for certain products that might violate the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy. To ensure that your use of Shopify is uninterrupted, you need to carefully review all policies that apply to your Shopify store, including the Shopify Terms of Service, and the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy. You also need to consider the implications of selling in different jurisdictions, including researching the relevant import and export laws and regulations, and knowing the current legal status of selling products in any region.

While we at Shopify do what we can to set you up for success, there are also steps that you need to take. The information found in this section is intended as a starting point to help you learn about selling products in certain regulated areas. If you have questions about which laws apply to you, or questions specific to your business, then you need to consult with a lawyer who is familiar with the relevant laws that might apply to your business.

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