Category metafields

Category metafields map to specific product categories in Shopify's Standard Product Taxonomy. Category metafields, which are called product attributes in the taxonomy, help you add the right information to your products to make them more discoverable by visitors on your site, on marketplaces, and on search engines.

For example, if you add the product category Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Clothing Tops > Shirts, then you can add category metafields for clothing size, neckline, sleeve length type, and more. Based on Shopify Magic predictions, some category metafields are added by default. Other category metafields might be suggested and you can choose to add them to your store. Category metafields have default entries that you can either use as is or customize further.

You can connect category metafields to your product variant options and the entries to your option values. This means that you can edit the color black to be graphite and your variant values are updated anywhere that color is used. When you use color entries as variant options, you can display variant options as swatches for color options on your storefront product pages.

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