Adding metafield definitions

Metafield definitions act as templates that specify what part of your store a metafield applies to and what values the metafield can have. Before you can add metafield values to specific products, orders, or other parts of your store, you need to add the metafield definition for that information. Adding metafield definitions ensures that the same validation rules apply to every value that you enter for a specific metafield.

When you add a metafield definition, you can do either of the following actions:

  • select a standard definition
  • create a custom definition

Whenever possible, use a standard definition for your metafields. Standard definitions are automatically configured for you and are designed to be universally compatible across Shopify. Because standard metafield definitions follow standards that are used across all Shopify stores, they're supported by apps, themes, and other parts of your store.

For more information, refer to Shopify standard metafields.

You need to create a custom definition in the following circumstances:

You add metafield definitions on the Metafields page of your Shopify admin. You can add additional types of metafields in the following ways:

You can have up to 250 metafield definitions.

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