Solutions to common customer CSV problems

If you have a question about uploading a customer CSV file, then see if a solution is listed below. If you can't find an answer for your question, then check our list of common product CSV file issues or contact Shopify Support.

Can I import customer accounts from my previous online store to my new Shopify store?

Since customer accounts that were connected to your previous online store were set up using privacy protection unique from Shopify, you can't import your customers' passwords. Customer CSV files create an account placeholder under your customers' email addresses. Your customers need to create new passwords with Shopify.

If you import a customer list to your Shopify store without inviting your customers to create new passwords, then customers in the list won't be able to register accounts using the emails you imported. Shopify offers no officially supported tools for sending bulk invites to your customers to create new passwords for your Shopify store, but you can find third-party solutions in the Shopify app store.

Can I import orders and money spent from my previous online store to my Shopify store?

No, it isn't possible to import customer data to Shopify for orders placed and money spent using other ecommerce platforms. Shopify tracks only what customers order and spend through your Shopify store.

Why am I receiving a "country or province not valid" error code?

Countries, states, and provinces are represented by specific codes. If an address does not include the correct codes, then it produces an error.

Country codes are found here, and state codes are found here, and province codes are found here.

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