Solving customer CSV file errors

CSV files can be used to add and edit your customer list and customer information. You need to format the CSV file correctly for it to upload successfully. You can download and view the customer CSV template or refer to Format your customer CSV file to learn about the correct format.

It can take several hours for your CSV file to upload. After the upload is complete or when it fails, you receive an email to let you know. If you don’t see an email about your CSV file upload several hours after you begin the import, then check your email account's Spam or Junk folder. If it seems like the CSV file is no longer processing but it didn’t import, then contact Shopify Support.

The following information can help you to troubleshoot errors that you might receive when you upload a CSV file.

CSV file is bigger than 15 MB

If the CSV file is too large to upload, save the CSV file as multiple files that are each smaller than 15 MB, and then upload them separately.

Only 1 CSV file can be uploaded at a time

If you already have an upload in progress, then you need to wait until the upload is complete before uploading another CSV file.

Missing header or missing headers

If the CSV file is missing a required header, then you receive an error message that includes the name of the column header. You can check the customer CSV template to view all the column headers that can be used.

Some headers were not accepted

Column headers must match the list of accepted words. If the CSV file contains a column header that doesn’t match the list of required column headers, then make sure there are no extra letters, spaces, or columns. Otherwise, you can start again with the customer CSV template.

Punctuation can’t be used: illegal quoting in line 6

If there is a character in the CSV file content that can’t be used, then make sure that your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded.

If your CSV file contains curly or smart quotation marks, “ “, then you need to replace them with straight quotation marks, " ". If your CSV file contains extra quotation marks, then those need to be removed as well.

Your CSV is in the wrong format

If the CSV file uses the wrong format, then open the file in Google Sheets or another spreadsheet program and verify that it’s a .CSV file. Save the CSV file in UTF-8 format using LF-style linefeed. If you're not familiar with encodings, then review your spreadsheet or text editor’s documentation.

Your CSV file wasn’t uploaded

If there is an error in the upload before the import begins, then upload your CSV file again.

Country, region, state, or province is not valid

You need to include countries, regions, states, and provinces using specific codes known as ISO 3166-1.

To find a list of the current codes, refer to ISO_3166-1: Current_codes. If you’re located in the United States or Canada, then you can find a code for your state, or province on these lists:

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