Migrating to customer segmentation

When Shopify migrated from saved customer searches to customer segmentation, all your existing saved searches were automatically converted to customer segments. The new customer segments use the exact same criteria and the same name as your saved searches. The new customer segments also generate the same list of customers.

When new customers match the criteria for a customer segment, they are automatically included in that customer segment. And when existing customers no longer match the criteria, they're automatically removed.

Your discounts that previously used a customer group based on a saved search now use the customer segment that was created to replace the saved search.

Saved searches that couldn't be migrated precisely in exceptional cases

All your saved searches were migrated to customer segments. It's possible that for a few merchants, a saved search couldn't be migrated precisely. The most common reason is that the saved search used free text, rather than the default filtering criteria. In this case, a customer segment was still created for the saved search and it includes the same set of customers.

The customer profiles that are associated with that customer segment are assigned a tag that has the prefix Archived saved search. For example, if you had a saved search named International-VIPs, then all the customer profiles that were associated with it are assigned a tag named Archived saved search: International-VIPs.

Managing saved searches that couldn't be migrated precisely

On the Customers page, saved searches that couldn't be migrated precisely are displayed with an i icon in a blue circle next to that customer segment name.

The i icon is displayed next to customer segments that could not be migrated precisely

If you have a discount that used a saved search that couldn't be migrated precisely, then the i icon is also displayed next to the discount on the Discounts page. When you click the discount, the name of the customer segment and the i icon are displayed in the Customer eligibility section of the discount details page.

Revising your customer segments

You can continue to use the tag and the tag-based customer segment that were created during the migration. In this case, you need to remember to manually add or remove the tag from customer profiles. Learn more about editing customer profiles.

Alternatively, you can replace your tag-based customer segment with a customer segment that will automatically include and remove customers from the customer segment. Learn more about customer segments.

Revising your discounts

Previously, discounts could be associated with customer groups. Now those discounts are associated with customer segments. In most cases, your discounts are correct and work as expected. However, if any of your discounts are now associated with a customer segment that couldn't be migrated precisely, then you can do either of the following:

  • Go to the Customers page and edit the migrated customer segment. Then from the Discounts page, verify that the customer segment in the Customer eligibility section on the discount details page is up to date.

  • Go to the Discounts page, delete the customer segment from the Customer eligibility section on the discount details page, and then select a different customer segment for that discount.

Learn more about creating and editing discounts.

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