Customer segments

You can group customers who have similar characteristics into a customer segment. You build your customer segments in the editor on the Customers page by adding components called filter names, operators, and values. In addition, your Shopify admin includes some default customer segments and templates that you can change to suit your needs, or use as a starting point to create a new customer segment.

Using the editor to create customer segments

The editor is designed to help you to build your customer segments. As you add components to your customer segment, you are provided with a list of the available filter names, operators, and values that you can use.

You can access more help by clicking any of the following icons:

Customer segment icons for accessing more help.
IconIcon name and function
The customer segment Filters icon Filters: Opens lists of available filter names. The lists are categorized into Shopify-based filter names and filter names based on any Metafields that you might have that use the supported content types. When you click a filter name, the code is entered into the editor.
The customer segment Templates icon Templates: Opens a list of default customer segments as a basis for building your own customer segment.
The customer segment How to icon How to: Provides information about the components that you use to build your customer segments.

Customer segments update automatically

After you create a customer segment, new customers who match the criteria are automatically included in that customer segment. For example, if you create a customer segment that includes all your customers who subscribe to your marketing emails, then any new customers who subscribe to your marketing emails are automatically included in that customer segment.

If a single customer matches the criteria for more than one customer segment, then that customer can be included in multiple customer segments.

When an existing customer no longer matches the criteria for a customer segment, they're automatically removed from that customer segment.

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