Add a subdomain for your Shopify-managed domain

A subdomain is a subset of your root domain that you add as a prefix to your domain, such as www. For example, in the URL, is the root domain and help is the subdomain. If you have a Shopify-managed domain, then you can add subdomains for free from your Shopify admin.

If you use international domains, then you can use subdomains to create a region-specific URL for every country or region where you have a target market. For example, if your store's primary domain is, then you can create a subdomain for Canada with the URL and a subdomain for France with the URL International subdomains must use two letter country codes.

You can add up to 20 total domains and subdomains to your Shopify store, in addition to your domain name. If your store is on the Shopify Plus plan, then you can add up to 1,000 total domains and subdomains.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Domains.
  2. Click the root domain that you want to configure.
  3. In the Subdomains section, click Add subdomain.
  4. Enter the prefix that you want to add:
    • For international subdomains, enter the two letter country code for your target market. For example, eu for Europe, or ca for Canada.
    • For all other subdomains, enter the text that you want to add as a prefix. For example, blog or shop.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Optional: To change the subdomain's domain type, click the name of the new subdomain, and then click Change domain type to be a primary, redirect, or alias.

When you add a subdomain, Shopify's default CNAME (Canonical Name) is automatically added to your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. If you want to point the subdomain to a specific market or website, then you can do the following tasks:

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