Set up your domain with GoDaddy

If you have a domain from GoDaddy, then you need to reconfigure your DNS settings to point the domain at your Shopify store. You can set up your domain automatically using GoDaddy Connect, or set it up manually by changing the DNS settings in your GoDaddy Domain Manager.

Set up your domain automatically with GoDaddy Connect

You can automatically connect your GoDaddy domain to your Shopify store using GoDaddy Connect.


  1. Click Connect existing domain.

  2. Enter the domain that you want to connect, such as

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click Connect automatically:

    Connect automatically

  5. In the Sign In window, log in to your GoDaddy account.

  6. Click Connect.

Set up your GoDaddy domain manually

If you're having trouble connecting your domain automatically, then you can connect it manually from your GoDaddy account.

You need to set up your existing domain to connect to Shopify, and then verify your connection.

If you contact GoDaddy support to connect your domain, then you need to know what to tell your third-party provider.

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