Top-level domains with WHOIS privacy exceptions

WHOIS (pronounced "who is") is a service you can use to look up information about the owner of a domain name. WHOIS privacy is a service that hides your domain information from a WHOIS lookup. This keeps your personal contact information hidden from the public.

The following top-level domains don't include WHOIS privacy when you purchase a domain through Shopify:

.abogado .ac .ae .aero .af
.africa .ag .ai .alsace .am
.ar .archi .as .asia .at
.au .auto .barcelona .bayern .be
.berlin .br .brussels .bzh .cat
.cd .ch .cl .cm .cologne
.coop .corsica .cx .cz .de
.dk .ec .es .feedback .fi
.fm .fr .frl .gd .gg
.gl .gr .gs .gy .hamburg
.hk .hm .hn .hr .ht
.hu .il .im .in .io
.is .je .jobs .jp .kg
.ki .kr .la .law .lc
.li .lt .lu .lv .ly
.ma .md .melbourne .mn .ms
.mu .mx .my .nl
.no .nrw .nu .nyc .nz
.paris .pe .ph .pl .pm
.pr .pro .pt .pw .qa
.quebec .re .rio .ro .ru
.ruhr .sb .sc .scot .se
.sg .sh .si .so .sr
.srl .st .sx .sydney .tc
.tf .tk .tl .tm .to
.travel .tw .ua .us .uy
.vc .ve .vg .vlaanderen .vote
.voto .wf .wien .yt .za

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