IPv6 support

IPv4 is slowly being updated to IPv6 across the internet. IPv6 offers a bigger address space and simplified routing as well as the following benefits:

  • You can expect a slight increase in performance for some of your customers.
  • You can expect improved resiliency for your domain.
    • Most browsers fallback to IPv4 should the IPv6 network path fail.
    • Removes the requirement for an IPv6 to IPv4 Gateway for some of your customers that might be on an IPv6 only network.

Activate IPv6 on your domain

Shopify-managed domains

IPv6 is automatically activated for any domain purchased through Shopify or transferred to Shopify.

You can confirm that IPv6 is activated by going to the DNS settings for your domain and locating the AAAA record.

Third-party domains

When you connect your domain, create an AAAA DNS record. The AAAA record activates IPv6 for your domain. Any subdomains that are configured with a CNAME record pointing towards shops.myshopify.com are also IPv6 activated. Learn more about connecting third-party domains.

Deactivate IPv6 for your domain

Because of the benefits of IPv6, deactivation isn't recommended. However, the following are a few reasons why you might want to deactivate IPv6:

  • You use a third-party service that doesn't support IPv6 formatted client addresses.
  • You have an integration that doesn't support IPv6 formatted client addresses.

To deactivate IPv6 for your domain, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the AAAA DNS record for your root domain.
  2. Update the CNAME record fromshops.myshopify.com to shops-v4.myshopify.com on any subdomains.
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