Setting up Shopify to work with Oberlo

Before you start accepting orders through Oberlo, make sure your Shopify store settings are right for your business.

Set up your order fulfillment settings


  1. In Order processing, under After an order has been paid, select Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items.
  2. Click Save.

After an order has been fulfilled by your supplier, Oberlo marks the order as Fulfilled in Shopify.

Set up your payment authorization settings

You can capture your payments either automatically or manually. If you enable automatic capture, then your orders appear in Oberlo automatically. If you enable manual capture, then your orders won't show up in Oberlo until you mark the order as Paid.


  1. In the Payment authorization section, select which payment authorization you want:

The option for automatic capture in the Payment authorization section

  1. Click Save.

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