Configure Shopify for dropshipping in Oberlo

First you need to configure some settings in Shopify so that you can start fulfilling your orders:

Configure your order fulfillment settings

To set up manual order fulfillment:

  1. Find the Order processing section.

  2. Under After an order has been paid, select Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items.

  3. Click Save.

After an order has been fulfilled by your supplier, Oberlo will mark the order as Fulfilled in Shopify.

Configure your payment authorization settings

To make sure that your orders are displayed in the Oberlo app, we recommend that you set your payment authorization settings to automatic payment capture. If you have manual capture enabled, then your order will not show up in Oberlo until you mark the order as Paid.

To set your store to automatically capture payment for orders:

  1. In the Payment authorization section, click Automatically capture payment for orders:

    The option for automatic capture in the Payment authorization section

  2. Click Save.

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