Requesting proposals

When you find an expert you want to work with, the first step is to ask for a proposal. This helps ensure that you both agree on what's required for the job. A proposal also acts as a record that you can reference in Experts Marketplace. Proposals outline details about job requirements, timelines, and cost. All proposals are in USD.

If you receive a proposal that's missing important information, then you can decline the proposal and ask the expert to revise it. Provide feedback so that the expert can send you a new proposal.


What if there’s information missing from a proposal?

It’s recommended that you and the expert include as much detail as possible in the proposal. This includes outlining specific pieces of work and a timeline of milestones.

Do I have to pay an expert after accepting a proposal?

It depends on what you and the expert agree on and if you’re ready to work together. Talk to the expert about payment terms and make sure the terms are included in the proposal. Learn more about paying experts.

What can I do if I accepted a proposal but don’t want to work with an expert anymore?

If you change your mind, you can decline the expert and contact other experts about the job.

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