Requesting proposals from Experts

After you find an Expert who you want to work with, it's a good idea to ask them to send you a proposal. This can help you and the Expert come to an agreement about the amount of work that's required to complete your job. Proposals are usually sent after the Expert has a general idea of what you need for the job, and they should give details about the specific work that's going to be done.

If you think a proposal that you've received is missing important information, then you can decline the proposal and ask for clarifications. After you decline a proposal, the Expert can use your feedback to improve their proposal before they submit it again.

The following example shows a proposal that includes details about a project's requirements, timelines, and cost.

An example proposal, including a description of the proposed work, the prerequisites, the time to completion, and the cost. The proposal also includes buttons that you can use to either accept or decline it.


What can I do if the Expert hasn't sent me a proposal?

If you've been matched with an Expert but they haven't sent you a proposal, then it's recommended that you request one from them. Working from a proposal helps to make sure that you and the Expert are in agreement about the total amount of work required, and creates a record of your communication with the Expert within Shopify.

Is it OK if there’s information missing from a proposal?

It's recommended that you and the Expert include as much detail as possible in the proposal, such as the specific pieces of work to be done and a timeline of the project milestones. Having a clear and complete idea of the work at this stage can help to set expectations about the job, both for you and for the Expert.

Do I have to pay the Expert after accepting a proposal?

The proposal is only a description of the work and the payment terms. You should discuss the payment terms with the Expert, and make sure that they're specified in the proposal. Learn more about how you can pay the Expert with Shopify invoices.

What can I do if I decide that I don't want to work with an Expert after I've accepted their proposal?

If you realize that an Expert who you've started working with isn't the right one for you, then you can contact other Experts who you’ve been matched with and ask them to send you proposals for the work to be done.

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