Understanding Shopify Balance and payouts

After you sign up for a Shopify Balance account, your main account is automatically set as your Shopify Payments payout account. This means that using your main Balance account allows you to receive money from your Shopify sales up to 7 days earlier than a bank. Business days exclude weekends and United States holidays.

Shopify Payments payout timeline

Payouts from Shopify Payments can arrive up to 7 days earlier than those from traditional banks. However, transferring funds from Shopify Payments to an external bank account might take up to 5 days. Additionally, banks might require up to 3 more days to process these transfers and processing times can vary by financial institution. Learn more about Shopify Payments pay periods and payouts.

Shop Pay Installments payout timeline

Change your payout account

You can change the account that your Shopify Payments earnings are deposited into at any time.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Finances > Balance.

  2. Select your payout account.

  3. On the Account details page, click Manage account.

  4. On the Shopify Balance account page, click Change payout account.

  5. Enter your new account information, and then click Save.

  6. On the Change payout account dialog, select a reason for changing accounts from the drop-down menu, and then click Confirm.

  7. Follow the prompts to complete two-factor authentication.

  8. Click Done.

Switching your payout account to a third-party account

Changing your payout account to a third-party account doesn't close or deactivate your Shopify Balance account. You can continue to use any active Shopify Balance payment cards and earn Shopify Balance rewards on transactions made with your Shopify Balance account.

Transfer your PayPal payouts to Shopify Balance

If you receive payouts in PayPal, then you can automatically transfer them to your Balance account, and manage your payouts in one place.


  1. Log in to your PayPal business account.
  2. Go to the Wallet section of your PayPal account.
  3. Click Link a bank or Choose your bank.
  4. In the Search for your bank field, enter a few letters (for example, abc).
  5. When a We couldn’t find your bank message is displayed, click Enter your bank details.
  6. Enter your Balance account's routing and account numbers. You can find your account details in your Balance account. When you enter your details, your Balance account is displayed as Evolve Bank & Trust, which provides banking services for Shopify Balance.
  7. Follow the instructions to confirm your bank account. PayPal will ask you to confirm the amounts of two small deposits sent to your Balance account.
  8. After you confirm your account, go to your PayPal business account, and then turn on automatic transfers and choose Evolve Bank & Trust as your bank. You can choose how frequently you want your PayPal earnings to be transferred to your Balance account.

Understanding Shopify Balance account usage across multiple stores

Your Shopify Balance account can only serve as the payout account for the Shopify store with which it's directly associated. If you operate multiple Shopify stores, then each store must have its own designated Shopify Balance account. Attempting to manually use the same Shopify Balance account across different stores will not function properly. As a result, you will not receive the specific benefits associated with Shopify Balance for those additional stores. Instead, payouts intended for other stores will be processed under the default setting, displaying as Evolve Bank rather than Shopify Balance.

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