Shopify Balance rewards

The Shopify Balance account offers a number of rewards on eligible purchases made using your Shopify Balance card. You can see all of the current rewards offered on the Shopify Balance rewards page.

Shopify Balance Cashback

When you make eligible purchases from Shopify using your Shopify Balance card, a percentage of the purchase price is deposited into your Shopify Balance account up to a maximum of 2000 USD a year. The deposit doesn't include cashback from Shopify partners. Cashback is deposited into your Shopify Balance account on a monthly basis. This 2000 USD annual limit resets on January 1, regardless of the amount of cashback that you earned in the previous year. The limit does not carry over to the new year.

In order to receive cashback rewards, you must have your Shopify Balance card set as your primary payment method.

Eligible transactions include the following:

Shopify Balance eligible cashback transactions.
Transaction typePercentage of cashback
Shopify Shipping purchases2%
Shopify Email2%
Marketing ad campaigns with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok2%
Apps from the Shopify App store2%
Themes from theme store2%
Custom domains purchased through Shopify2%
Guidance from any Shopify Experts 10%
Marketing ad campaigns with Snapchat10%

Shopify Partner offers

Our third-party partners will soon offer a wide range of rewards. Partner rewards must be proactively redeemed to take advantage of the offers.

Currently, Apple offers cashback on select hardware. You can learn more on our rewards page.

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