Earn cashback rewards when you use your Shopify Credit card for eligible business purchases. Cashback is automatically applied to your Shopify Credit account as a statement credit after your payment in full of each monthly statement balance.

Eligible purchases of products and services from select providers in the following categories qualify for cashback:

  • marketing and advertising
  • shipping and fulfillment
  • wholesale

You earn 3% cashback on your monthly top spend category for up to 100,000 USD in annual eligible purchases. After that, earn 1% cashback for the rest of the year. The 100,000 USD threshold resets annually on the first day of the calendar month your Shopify Credit account was approved.

You earn 1% cashback on eligible purchases that you make in the other two categories.

For example, if you spend $50 on eligible shipping and fulfillment, $75 on eligible wholesale purchases, and $150 on eligible marketing and advertising services, then at the end of the month you receive the following cashback amounts:

  • 1% of the $50 shipping and fulfillment
  • 1% of the $75 wholesale purchases
  • 3% of the $150 marketing and advertising purchases

To learn more about Shopify Credit rewards, refer to the Shopify Credit Rewards Program Terms.

Eligible providers for cashback purchases

Select purchases that you make from these providers are eligible for cashback.

Providers where select purchases are eligible for cashback
Marketing and advertising
Shipping and fulfillment
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