Online store FAQ

Inbox FAQ lets you create automatic responses to frequently asked questions in online store chat. A list of questions is presented to the customer when they click the chat button in your online store, with the associated answer appearing after a FAQ has been selected.

You can access the customer's session in your dashboard to learn which FAQs your customer clicked on and which response was sent. These interactions won't show up as new conversations, and don't send a push notification to your phone or computer. If the customer asks a question outside of the Chat FAQ options, then you are notified of the new inquiry on your dashboard.

Chat FAQs

When a customer clicks the chat button, a conversation opens in their browser. Online store chat displays your welcome message and offers the customer a list of common topics to choose from. These common topics are created by you, with the exception of order status, which is included by default.

You can create as many FAQs as you want, however, only 4 FAQs (in addition to Order Status) can be active at any one time. Other FAQs will be stored in the Shopify Chat FAQ inactive list and can be swapped in or out at any time. "Can I get an update on my order status?" always appears as an option to your customer, and doesn't count towards your four active FAQs.

Customize your chat FAQs


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Shopify Inbox > Saved responses > FAQs.

  2. Click Create FAQ.

  3. In the Title field, enter the question you want to include in your FAQ. There is a 60-character limit for this field.

  4. Type in the Response for your question. This will be the response the customer sees after clicking on the question.

  5. Set the FAQ status to Active or Inactive. If you already have four active FAQs, then you can't set the new FAQ to Active. The FAQ will save to your list of Inactive FAQs.

  6. Click Save.

FAQ preview

You can preview how the online chat FAQ looks from the list of questions view, and from the conversation view.


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Shopify Inbox > Saved responses > FAQs.
  2. Click on an active FAQ.

Change the display order of chat FAQs

You can change the display order of your active FAQs.


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Shopify Inbox > Appearance.

  2. Click ⋮⋮ and drag the FAQ to rearrange the display list.

The updated list of active FAQs will be reflected in your online store automatically.

Enable or disable chat FAQs

You can designate up to four active FAQs, with the remaining FAQs appearing in your store admin as inactive. If you have four active FAQs, then you'll need to change the status of at least one FAQ from Active to Inactive before you can designate a new FAQ as active.


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Shopify Inbox > Saved responses > FAQs.

  2. Click on the FAQ you want to set as inactive.

  3. In the FAQ status window, set the FAQ to Inactive.

  4. Click Save.

With an available FAQ slot open, you can now set one of your inactive FAQs to Active.

  1. Click Edit on the FAQ you want to set as active.

  2. In the FAQ window, set the FAQ to Active.

  3. Click Save.

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