Quick replies

You can create custom shortcuts that send a frequently-repeated phrase or comment to customers.

Create quick replies

In Shopify Inbox for desktop, iOS, or Android, you can create quick replies to use for messages that you frequently send to customers. For example, if customers often ask you whether you accept returns or exchanges, then you could create a quick reply that includes a link to your store's policy. When you create a quick reply, you give it a name that you use as a shortcut to the quick reply when you're messaging a customer.


Edit or delete a quick reply


Using quick replies

There are two ways to use quick replies:

  • Click or tap the lightning bolt icon in your messaging window. Your list of saved quick replies appears in a list, and then you can click or tap the reply you want to use, or
  • In the Shopify Inbox mobile app, you enter a keyword to insert a quick reply. Typing a quick reply keyword in the messaging window will load a prompt with the full quick reply text. Tap the quick reply to auto-fill the messaging window with the quick reply text.


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