Comparing International and Managed Markets features

Managed Markets expands the capabilities of the tools that are offered by International. If you're considering using Managed Markets, then you should review the following table that compares the features of International and Managed Markets:

Managed Markets comparison table
FeatureInternationalManaged Markets
Cross-border payments
  • Sell in local currency with Shopify Payments
  • Use a selection of local payment methods available with Stripe
  • Offer more local payment methods in multiple locations with better transaction success rates
  • Use Shopify Payments for domestic transactions and Managed Markets for international transactions
  • Offer local currency from 136 available currencies and receive payouts in USD currency
  • Get covered for fraud and chargebacks. Every order on Managed Markets is automatically reviewed and given chargeback protection.
  • Refund orders at the currency conversion rate that was given at the time of purchase within 30 days to avoid currency rate fluctuations
  • Global fulfillment and shipping
  • Buy discounted Shopify Shipping labels without duties prepaid or use a third-party app
  • Access discounted DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, and UPS shipping labels
  • Fulfill your international orders natively from your Shopify admin or through third-party fulfillment partners
  • Run flash sales. Managed Markets supports flash sales.
  • Duties and taxes
  • Offer a duty and tax estimate at checkout, powered by Avalara
  • Doesn't support delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping
  • Calculate and collect duties and taxes automatically at checkout
  • Offer delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping with DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, and UPS at checkout
  • Tax inclusive pricing is set for countries where this is standard and local country regulations are handled for you
  • Make use of duties and taxes guarantees. If taxes and duties need to be adjusted after your product goes through customs, then Managed Markets pays any additional fees
  • HS codes are automatically assigned to products, making it easy to deliver orders with duties paid
  • International duties and taxes are remitted on your behalf
  • Comply with local laws when selling products internationally and remove the need to register for tax filing in local destinations
  • Avoid shipping any restricted products in local destinations. Managed Markets manages product restrictions on your behalf, and makes sure that you don't ship restricted items.
  • Localization
  • Use localized international domains and automatically redirect your customers to region-specific domains
  • Provide your customers with language and country recommendations based on their geographic location and browser language with the Geolocation app
  • Translate your store to other languages to provide a localized experience
  • International operations
  • Manage multiple markets and their content from a single admin
  • Add custom pricing by market
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