When you sell in local currencies, you can offer percentage-based and fixed-amount discounts to your customers using discount codes and Shopify scripts.

Fixed-amount discounts

Fixed-amount discounts are set in the currency of your store. When the customer's local currency is different from the store's currency, then the amount of the discount is converted to the customer's currency. This conversion occurs when the discount is applied at the time of the checkout. As a result, the amount of the discount can fluctuate based on the currency exchange rates.

For example, a $2 USD discount could be converted to €1.74 EUR one day and €1.76 EUR the next day. For this reason, it can be difficult to market fixed-amount discounts across local currencies.

When you set manual exchange rates, discounts are converted to the customer's currency using the manual conversion rate instead of the current market rate. For example, if your customer applies a 5 USD discount to a CAD order, then the discount is converted to CAD using the manual conversion rate. If the manual conversion is 1.25, then the discount is 6.25 CAD.

Percentage-based discounts

Percentage-based discounts (for example, 10% off an order) don't have a currency attached to them. Prices are discounted by the specified percentage regardless of the customer's (checkout) currency.

For example, you create a discount that offers ten percent (10%) off a ball. At checkout, this discount reduces the price of the ball by 10%.

Currency differences after discounts are applied at the checkout
Checkout currencyUSDEUR
Regular price$10 USD€8.72 EUR
10% discount$1 USD€0.87 EUR
Discounted price$9 USD€7.85 EUR

Use Shopify Scripts to offer currency-based discounts

You can't use discount codes to offer currency-based discounts. For example, you can't create a discount code that can only be used for orders using one type of currency.

You can use Shopify Scripts to converts discounts to your customer's local (presentment) currency, so you could use scripts to offer some currency-based discounts.

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