Testing your multiple currency setup

After you activate selling in multiple currencies with International, you should test the customer experience to make sure that your prices appear correctly in different currencies and that your apps and customizations continue to work as expected. Browse your store, create test orders, and simulate paying for them using test credit card numbers.

If a country selector doesn't appear on your store, then you need to add one.

Preview currencies on your store

You can preview how prices in each currency display on your online store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > International.
  2. Click the market that you want to test.
  3. Click Preview.

App compatibility with multiple currencies

Some apps might not work as expected with multiple currencies active on your store. We recommend visiting your online store and testing the customer experience. If you have apps installed to do the following tasks, then you should test to make sure that they continue work as expected with multiple currencies:

  • display monetary values, such as prices or totals, in the storefront or on a report
  • send notifications to your customers that include monetary values, such as prices or totals.

If there is an issue with these apps, then it could affect the customer experience in your store. For example, customers might be able to check out, but they could see the wrong monetary values.

Most public apps have been updated to support selling in multiple currencies, but some have not yet been updated. Apps incompatible with selling in multiple currencies are highlighted in your Shopify admin under Settings > Apps and sales channels.

If you have apps installed that aren't compatible with multiple currencies, then you need to first uninstall those apps before you can activate selling in multiple currencies.

Compatibility with custom apps

If you receive a notification about custom apps in your Shopify admin, then your developer needs to review these apps and the risks of using these apps when you are selling in multiple currencies.

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