Volatile currencies

Shopify doesn't automatically activate currencies that are determined to be volatile in nature. Volatile currencies can fluctuate frequently, and as a result, you might gain or lose large amounts of money on returns or exchanges.

To activate a volatile currency manually, create a market specifically for each country where you want to sell in the local currency.

The following volatile currencies aren't activated by default:

  • AOA: Angolan Kwanza
  • HTG: Haitian Gourde
  • SRD: Surinamese Dollar
  • SCR: Seychellois Rupee
  • ZMW: Zambian Kwacha
  • BRL: Brazilian Real
  • MXN: Mexican Peso
  • LRD: Liberian Dollar
  • LSL: Lesotho loti
  • SZL: Swazi Lilangeni
  • ZAR: South African Rand
  • NAD: Namibian dollar
  • MZN: Mozambican metical
  • COP: Colombian Peso
  • RUB: Russian Ruble
  • ARS: Argentine Peso
  • NOK: Norwegian Krona
  • TRY: Turkish lira
  • GEL: Georgian Lari
  • CLP: Chilean Peso
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