Manage your business

You can manage many parts of your business directly from your Shopify admin. Review the following to learn how to use Shopify to manage the different parts of your business.


When a customer places an order on your store, the order appears in your Shopify admin on the Orders page with the product, payment, and customer details.

You can manage your order within the Shopify admin:

  • edit the customer's shipping address details
  • remove or add products from the order
  • refund all or part of an order
  • email the customer
  • purchase a Canada Post shipping label
  • mark the order as fulfilled

For all information about managing your orders, refer to Orders.


After an order is placed, you can set up your Shopify store to help you fulfill the orders. Each product in your store can be set up to use a different fulfillment method.

If you fulfill orders yourself, then you can purchase shipping labels and mark an order as fulfilled within your Shopify admin. When you mark an order as fulfilled, a shipping confirmation email is sent to your customer with the shipment details.

If you fulfill through a third-party app, such as a print-on-demand app, then check with the app for the best method to fulfill your orders. Many apps fulfill your orders for you automatically, and so don't require any manual actions from you.

If you fulfill through a third-party service, such as a warehouse, then check to see if the third-party service can accept orders through an email. If they can, then you can set up your third-party service as a custom fulfillment service in your admin. When you mark an order as fulfilled, the custom fulfillment service receives an email with the order details for them to fulfill the order on your behalf.

For more information, refer to Setting up fulfillment.


Anyone who places an order from your business or enters their email into an email sign-up form is added as a customer record in your Shopify admin. This customer list can be used to email your customers, or view statistics about each individual customer.

For more information about managing your customers, refer to Customers.

Discount codes

You can create discount codes for your customers to enter during checkout, or have one apply automatically if a cart matches certain criteria. Discounts can be made for specific customers, products, or collections and can create discounts for specific amounts, percentages, free shipping, or buy X get Y.

For more information on discount codes, refer to Discounts


You have access to reports to help you run your business and provide insights, such as how you acquire customers, how well your products are selling, and what people search for on your website. The number of reports that you have access to depends on your Shopify subscription plan.

You also have a main dashboard for your business where you can see information about your store, such as your total sales, average order value, and returning customer rate.

For more information about your store's analytics, refer to Analytics.

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