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Checklist to set up your online store

Here are some things that you can do to create an online store that works well for your business.

Set up your store

Add a product

Add one or more products to your online store.

Add a product

Learn how to add a product.

Customize the look and feel of your store

Choose a theme and customize it to suit your brand.

Customize a theme

Learn how to customize a theme.

Add a domain

Add an existing domain or buy a new domain to showcase your brand.

Add a domain

Learn how to add a domain.

Add pages to your store

Create pages to give more information to your customers.

Add pages

Learn how to add pages to your store.

Organize your products

Help customers to find your products by grouping them into collections.

Create a collection

Learn how to create a collection of products.

Create your store's navigation

Build a menu so that customers can browse your store.

Create navigation

Learn how to create a navigation menu.

Manage your store

Review shipping settings

Make sure that the default shipping settings meet your store's needs.

Review shipping settings

Learn how to review shipping settings.

Set up payment methods

Choose the way that your customers pay for orders, and also where you receive payments.

Set up payments

Learn how to set up payment methods.

Set your selling currency

Set the currency that you want to make your sales in.

Set store currency

Review tax settings

Customize the way that taxes are calculated on your store.

Review tax settings

Learn how to review tax settings.

Add store policies to your checkout page

Create your store policies and add them to your checkout page.

Add policies

Learn how to add store policies.

Prepare to launch

Review your store

Make sure that your store is ready to launch.

Review store

Open your store

Remove your password page and start selling to the public.

Disable password

Learn how to disable the password to open your store.

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