The GoBD-Export app helps you to export your store data, such as orders, products, and users, if that data is requested by German tax authorities. The data is compiled according to the standards established by the GoBD.

Audicon has certified that the GoBD-Export app complies with GoBD standards.

About GoBD

In Germany, the GoBD is a set of principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access. It regulates all the requirements that German tax authorities place on bookkeeping and tax-relevant data, whether electronically or in paper form. It also sets out the guidelines for how German tax authorities can access electronic data during tax audits. The GoBD helps you to learn what data the tax office needs you to keep and outlines what the auditor is allowed to do as part of a tax audit.

The GoBD has been in effect as of January 1, 2015. It replaces the previously effective "Principles on data access and verifiability of digital documents" (GDPdU) and the "Principles of proper computerized accounting systems" (GoBS).

Export your store data for GoBD

From the GoBD-Export app, you can export your necessary store data for a given year.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click GoBD-Export.

  3. Click Open app.

  4. In the GoBD-Export section, click Export GoBD data.

  5. In the Year drop-down menu, select the year for which you'd like to export your store data.

  6. Click Export.

After you click Export, a message displays that says that your GoBD data is exporting, and also lists the email that the data will be sent to. After the export is finished, you'll receive an email with a download link for the data. The link in the email will expire after 7 days.

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