Shopify Plus go live guide

No matter what your launch journey on Shopify Plus looks like, it all leads to a go-live date, which is the time your customers can finally shop on your new store.

This guide offers resources for the preparation, execution, and post go-live activities you should carry out for a successful launch on Shopify Plus. This checklist is intended to be used in addition to the general Shopify Plus launch checklist. Each topic includes additional context and resource links. You might find it helpful to print this checklist or to download it as a PDF so that you can refer to it throughout the launch day process.

If you need help, then contact the Shopify Plus Support team.

Prepare to go live guide

Refer to the following sections as you prepare to go live:

Order flow check

Thoroughly check your order flow by placing test orders. Refer to the test order checklist to learn about what scenarios to consider when testing your order flow.

Integrations check

Ensure all your integrations are working properly. A careful review of your integrations will make sure that you go live with a robust, well-integrated tech stack, and help to avoid issues after launch.

The exact details of what you need to test in this phase depend on what systems and apps you have connected to Shopify. You might have a combination of Shopify-supported apps and integrations and third-party apps and integrations.

Analytics setup check

Any data tracking that you want to activate should be set up.

DNS settings and servers checks

Find out the following information at least four weeks ahead of your desired go-live date:

About 1 week before your go-live date:

Shopify Plus provides an SSL certificate with your subscription at no additional cost. Existing SSL certificates from another provider can’t be transferred to Shopify. Please take this into account as you prepare to go live.

Backing up data

Shopify does not offer an option to back-up your store data. If, for example, you delete all the products on your store, then there is no way to restore this data.

For this reason we recommend that you make plans to back up your store data manually or with a third-party app. This is especially important when you have a large team or integrations that can impact your store’s data, such as products, inventory, customers, pages, or themes.

Go live checklist

You should thoroughly test all aspects of your store and its integrations with other systems. This checklist will help you to confirm that everything is in place before making the switch to Shopify Plus.

Refer to the following sections:

Data and content migration

Ensure that you've imported or created the following content:

Organizing data

Confirm your content is organized to your preference by checking the following:


Verify that the following areas of your storefront look and perform how you want them to:

Apps and integrations

Test the following integrations to ensure they're functioning properly:

When applicable, you should also uninstall any apps that you installed but decided not to use:

Discounts and price rules

Test the following to confirm they're behaving as expected:

Store settings

Verify the following settings for your stores:

Checkout and order creation

Test these scenarios to ensure proper checkout functionality:


Test these automations to ensure proper functionality:

Order management

Test these functions to ensure orders are working as expected:

Expansion stores

Verify the following:

DNS settings

Confirm the following DNS settings:


Verify that these analytics tracking systems are in place and working:

Going live

Complete the following tasks:

Go live

When you’re ready to go live, follow these steps to launch your new store:

  1. Change the A record of your root domain and point it to Shopify’s IP address.
  2. Change the CNAME record to your Shopify-hosted domain.
  3. Connect your domain in Shopify.
  4. Set your primary domain in Shopify.
  5. Remove your online store password.

Next steps

Refer to the Shopify Plus launch checklist's After launching your online store section for a checklist of what to do after you've launched your store.

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