Changing inventory quantities by location

If you need to update inventory quantities at a location, then you can do so in several ways on the Inventory page.

Change inventory quantities at a location for selected products


  1. In the Shopify admin, go to Products > Inventory.

  2. If you have multiple locations, then select a location from the drop down menu.

  3. Optional: Filter or search the list of products.

  4. You can adjust the available quantity of a single variant or multiple variants by the same amount.

    • To adjust a single variant, enter the quantity in the Edit quantity available column.
    • To adjust multiple variants by the same amount, select the variants you want to edit and click More actions > Update quantity.
  5. Change the inventory quantity.

    • To adjust the quantity by a specific amount, click Add and then enter a number. You can use a negative number to subtract from existing inventory quantity.
    • To set a new total inventory count, click Set and then enter a number.
  6. Click Save. The new total is in the Available column.

If a product is not listed for that location, then you're either not tracking inventory for that product, or the product isn’t stocked at the location.

Change the inventory quantities by using the bulk editor

By using the bulk editor, you can change inventory quantities for multiple product variants and locations. The bulk editor is a page that shows rows and columns of data, similar to a spreadsheet.


  1. Go to Products.

  2. Select a product with variants that you want to edit the inventory quantities for.

  3. In the Variants section, click Edit variants > Open bulk editor.

  4. Change the values in the rows and columns by clicking in a cell:

    • Inventory managed by - Select whether Shopify or an app manages the inventory.
    • Available at - For each location, adjust the inventory quantities. You can specify Stocked or Not stocked, depending whether Track quantity is checked.
    • Track quantity - If checked, you can change the quantities. If unchecked, the inventory isn't tracked, and the values will only be Stocked or Not stocked.
  5. Click Save.

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