Set up automatic domain redirection

For international domains, you can use domain redirection to send visitors automatically to the region-specific domain for their location. For example, if you use a .com domain to target visitors in the United States and a .ca domain to target visitors in Canada, then a Canadian visitor is automatically redirected to

When you have automatic domain redirection enabled, your store uses temporary redirects between international domains. These temporary redirects allow search engines to discover and index all of your URLs.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.
  2. In the Other Markets section, select Preferences.
  3. Check Domain redirection.

After you enable automatic redirection, visitors to your online store are automatically redirected to the region-specific domain for their location.

You can also let customers switch manually between languages and currencies by adding a country selector to your online store. If your theme doesn't have a country selector, then you can add one by using the free Geolocation app or another country selector app that supports Shopify Markets.

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