Fulfilling orders and processing refunds with the Amazon sales channel

When a customer buys one of your products on Amazon, you'll receive notifications about their order from Amazon Seller Central and on the Overview page of the Amazon sales channel in your Shopify admin.

You can log in to your Amazon Seller Central account to review the order details and manage billing and fulfillment.

Fulfilling orders

Your orders on Amazon automatically sync up with your Shopify admin on the Orders page. All new orders placed through Amazon appear in your orders list and are marked as Amazon. The Amazon sales channel syncs all your orders, including orders for products that you didn't use the channel to list on Amazon.

You need to fulfill Amazon orders in your Shopify admin to update it in both Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. When you fulfill the order in Shopify, the order status is automatically marked as fulfilled on Amazon, with the same fulfillment date. When you're fulfilling Amazon orders in Shopify, make sure that you follow Amazon's Selling Policies, and mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify within Amazon's required timelines.

Your customers receive order notifications from Amazon only, and you receive notifications from both Amazon and Shopify.

At this time, you can't integrate Amazon sales channel orders with Fulfillment by Amazon. Instead, you need to manually fulfill orders in your Shopify admin.

Processing refunds

Although a customer requests a refund for an order through Amazon, you should process the refund in Shopify so that your report data is correct. Because you can't process a refund in Shopify if you've already refunded the order in Amazon, your Shopify reports won't include refunds that you processed in Amazon.

If you try to refund an order in Shopify after you've already refunded the order in Amazon, then you'll receive a notification saying that the refund has failed. When you refund orders in Shopify, they are automatically synced with Amazon.

Because every order is linked to a payment in Amazon, when you cancel an order in Shopify you need to provide a refund of more than $0. Learn more about processing refunds in Shopify.

Getting paid for orders

You can view payments from the Amazon sales channel in your Amazon Seller's Central in the Reports section. Learn more about getting paid at the Amazon Pay help center.

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