Verifying your domain with the Facebook and Instagram by Meta

When you set up Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you need to verify to Facebook that you own the domain that you use for your online store. Verifying your domain lets you control and manage how and where links to your domain are used, and can help get your store approved by Facebook faster.

After verifying your domain in Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you can assign editing permissions for ads to specific Facebook Pages that are associated with your Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Pages that don't have editing permissions can't make changes to your ads.

You can verify your domain during the set up of Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, and Facebook Marketing. You can also change your settings at any time in Facebook and Instagram by Meta settings.

For more information on domain verification, refer to About Domain Verification in Business Manager on the Facebook Business Manager Help Center.

Verifiable domains

For a domain to be successfully verified, it must be either a purchased top-level domain, or your subdomain.

Top-level domains

If you have purchased a domain, then the root domain is the domain that you need to use for verification even in cases where you aren't using it as your primary domain. For example, to verify his clothing store, John would use to verify his domain with his Facebook Business Manager.


If you want to use your .myshopify domain for verification, then you need to include the prefix for your domain. For example, John wants to use his .myshopify domain for verification, so in his Facebook Business Manager John enters to be verified.


When you verify your domain in Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you might get a verification error. Refer to the error messages below to learn how to troubleshoot them:

Domain cannot be verified because it is already claimed by another Business Manager

If you want to use a different Facebook Business Manager than one that already uses your domain, then you need to first delete the domain from that Facebook Business Manager before you claim it with the Business Manager you want to use.

If you don't control the other Facebook Business Manager that has claimed your domain, then you have to contact Facebook support to resolve the issue.

Domain is not a verifiable domain

If your domain is not a verifiable domain, then you need to check that you are submitting the correct domain. Refer to verifiable domains to check that your domain follows the required details for verification.

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