Processing orders from Checkout on Facebook and Instagram

When a customer buys something through Checkout on Facebook or Instagram, the order appears on the Orders page in Shopify. Additional information about orders placed on Facebook and Instagram are available on the order's details page. This information includes the Facebook order ID, the amount of the payment, estimated tax, and the customer details.

When an order is placed on Facebook and Instagram, a hold is placed on the order and an on hold status displays next to the order in your Shopify admin. This hold allows for Facebook's payment authorization, and fraud analysis, and you can't fulfill the order until the hold is removed. The hold is typically removed within 5 minutes, but might be in place for up to 24 hours.

When an order is released from the hold, the on hold status is removed and the order is assigned a payment authorized and an unfulfilled status. Payment is captured automatically on Checkout on Facebook and Instagram after the order is marked as fulfilled. If an order stays on hold for longer than 24 hours, then contact Shopify Support.

The taxes listed on the Orders page are estimates until the order is fulfilled, in case the customer's address or the fulfillment change. When an order is fulfilled, tax rates are finalized and the Estimated tax line item changes to Tax. Tax rates can no longer be edited after the order is fulfilled.

Fulfill an order

Orders placed through Checkout on Facebook and Instagram must be managed through your Shopify admin. You can mark orders as shipped, issues refunds, and cancel orders from your Shopify admin Orders page. If you perform these actions in your Facebook Commerce Manager, errors display on the order in your Shopify admin and you might not be able to fulfill the order.

To comply with Facebook’s shipping terms, fulfill all orders within 30 days of the order being place on Facebook or Instagram and make sure that you provide a tracking number and delivery confirmation for each order.

Issue a refund

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the order that you want to refund.

  3. Click Return items. If the order is archived, then you're prompted to unarchive the order before proceeding.

  4. Enter the quantity of items in the order that are being returned.

  5. In the Return shipping options section, select one of the following options:

    • Select Create return label to create a return shipping label for your customer. This option is available only if your primary location and customer shipping address are both in the US.
    • Select Upload return label to upload an existing return shipping label for your customer. On the Add return label page, upload the PDF or JPEG file for your shipping label. You can enter the Tracking number and Shipping carrier if you have this information.
    • Select No return shipping to create a return without any return shipping information.
  6. Click Create return.

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