Enhanced catalog

Enhanced catalogs help customers browse and search for products using categories on Instagram and Facebook. Using an enhanced catalog can increase your store's discoverability, and help improve your ad performances.

Product category requirements

To use an enhanced catalog, you need to sell on Instagram and make sure a Google Product Category (GPC) is added to every product in your store.

To increase discoverability, you need to describe the type of items you are selling by adding a product category for each product. Facebook accepts Google Product Categories as the default format. In your Shopify admin, you can add the correct GPC to each of your products using the bulk product editor. Shopify syncs that data alongside the rest of your catalog data to Facebook.

Product categories are required if your customers are checking out on Facebook and Instagram. A product’s category can help Facebook determine how much your customer needs to pay in taxes or if a product is eligible for a custom return policy.

If your customers are checking out on your Shopify store, then product categories are optional but recommended.

How to use Google Product Categories

When your products sync with Facebook for the first time, Google Product Categories (GPC) are auto-filled for your products to help you get started. For any products that are still missing a GPC, you can add these using the bulk product editor. To access the bulk editor in the Facebook channel, click View all products in the Product status section of the Overview page. Edit the Google Product Category field for your products, then click Save. The next time Shopify syncs your catalog data to Facebook, these values will also be synced.

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