Processing orders from Instagram Checkout

When a customer on Instagram buys something through Instagram Checkout, the order will appear on the Orders page in Shopify. You can see more information about an order placed on Instagram on the order's details page, such as its Facebook order ID, the amount of the payment, and the customer details. Orders placed on Instagram take 30 minutes to sync with Shopify.

You need to fulfill and manage orders from Shopify. According to Facebook’s shipping terms, you need to ship an order within 3 days and deliver the products within 10 days after the order was placed on Instagram. You need to provide tracking and delivery confirmation for each order.

Don't use Facebook Commerce Manager to mark an order as shipped, issue refunds, or cancel orders, or you will receive errors for the related order on Shopify. You can issue full or partial refunds for orders from Shopify. You need to process returns and issue a refund within 2 days of receiving the returned products.

Learn more about Commerce Manager selling fees from Facebook Business Help Center.

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