Google local inventory

If you manage inventory using locations, then you can use local inventory to promote your products for local shopping when your customers search using Google. Local inventory for local discovery lets Google inform your customers where your products are, so that they can buy in a location that's convenient for them.

After you set up local inventory, you can list your products locally as local inventory ads, and free local listings.


Before you set up local inventory in Shopify, make sure that your store meets the following requirements.

Shopify requirements

  • You need to use Shopify POS.
  • You need to have a physical retail location that you sell from.
  • You need to have Shopify point of sale inventory. You can add the quantity of products at each retail location.
  • You need to have at least 10 products.

Google requirements

Set up local inventory

For complete set-up instructions, refer to Set up Google local inventory within the Google & Youtube app on Google Merchant Center Help.

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