Setting up the Instagram channel

Shopify's Instagram channel connects the product that you have in Shopify to your Instagram business profile. Before you add the channel, make sure that you have a Facebook business page and you have added products to your Facebook catalog. You can make a Facebook product catalog by setting up Facebook Shop.

Add the Instagram channel


  1. Log in to your Facebook account page to authenticate your Instagram account in the sales channel.

After you've added your Instagram business profile, your account will be reviewed by Instagram for access to the feature. Shopify can’t enable the product tagging feature for your store. When you're approved, you'll see a notification in your Instagram business profile. If you have questions about your store’s eligibility, then you can find help in the Instagram help center.

Manage your product catalog

You can add your product catalog from the Shopping page in your Instagram business profile options.


  1. Using Instagram, open your business profile options and then go to the Settings section.
  2. Tap Shopping, and then confirm your Facebook account.

    If you don't see the Shopping section, tap Edit Profile and confirm you are connected to your Facebook business Page.

  3. Select the product catalog.

  4. Tap Done.

Changing your product's description

To change the product description, name, or price shown in the product tag details, you need to edit the product listing on Shopify and publish the updated product to Facebook.

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