Linkpop is a free tool available to make a shoppable landing page that can be accessed through social media apps. Your customers can use Linkpop to view your other profiles on social media, access links that you want to share, and buy products using shoppable links.

Linkpop lets you create a landing page that displays links to your other social media pages, your online store, web-based documents, and media links including videos or music playlists.

Sell on Linkpop

You can use the Linkpop sales channel to sell your products. Linkpop lets you create shoppable links that customers can use to purchase your products without leaving the landing page you create.

To sell on Linkpop, you need to connect Linkpop to your Shopify admin. After the sales channel is connected to your Shopify admin, you can create shoppable links to include on your Linkpop landing page.

For more information on Shoppable links, refer to Create shoppable links.

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