Connect with your customers using Linkpop

Linkpop can be used for different purposes depending on the needs and nature of your business. For a business that has lots of online content, Linkpop can be used to share all this content with your customers in a single link. For a business just starting out in having an online presence, Linkpop can be used to highlight new social media accounts or websites along with a few products.

Review the following examples to learn how your business could use Linkpop to connect with your customers, and build your online presence.

Enhancing your online presence

If you have a growing social media following, then you can use Linkpop to enhance your followers' experience. You can create shoppable links for them to buy your products directly on your Linkpop page, and provide other important links for your business.

For example, Angie has been running a successful clothing business for the last 3 years. To advertise their designs and products, Angie has been posting videos about their design process on TikTok. The last three videos that Angie posted went viral, and resulted in the TikTok account gaining thousands of new followers. Angie wants to convert these new followers into customers.

Angie creates a Linkpop page to include a link to their online store, as well as a link to their Twitter and Instagram account. Angie decides to create a shoppable link for the product that's going to be featured in their next TikTok video, so their followers on TikTok can buy their products quickly on Linkpop before returning to TikTok.

After Angie creates their Linkpop page, they paste the link in their bio section of their TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Creating an online presence

If you don't have a social media presence, or are just starting out, then you can use Linkpop to keep your customers connected to you.

For example, Ahmed has been a business owner for 25 years. His business has remained successful because of community involvement, and because of this, Ahmed never had the need to create an online presence on social media for his business. Ahmed wants to use Linkpop as a virtual business card, but doesn't have a social media profile to include it in. Ahmed chooses to include his new Linkpop link in his email sign-offs to create another access point to his business and community-related resources and events that he wants to share with his community.

Now that Ahmed has created his Linkpop page, he's starting to feel curious about using social media to help his business grow. Ahmed decides to start an Instagram account for his business.

When Ahmed is creating his Instagram profile, he decides to also include his Linkpop link in the bio section to make sure his new followers can access his business when they find his Instagram content.

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