Linkpop is a free tool that creates a shoppable landing page for your business that can be accessed through social media apps. Your customers can use Linkpop to view your content.

You can customize your Linkpop landing page with shoppable product links, and links to all your online content. Businesses can use Linkpop as a way to complement their online presence, such as small business using it as an online business card, or a social media influencer using it to curate and highlight specific pieces of online content.

Consider linking to the following types of content on your Linkpop landing page:

  • your other profiles on social media
  • your online store
  • shoppable product links
  • web-based documents
  • media links, such as videos or music playlists

A linkpop example landing page, showing a brief bio, links to social media accounts, and a number of links to web pages that are relevant to Linkpop, and Shopify.

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