Shop app customer experience

Customers can use the Shop app to track their orders, explore stores and products, make purchases in the app using Shop Pay, and manage their Shop Pay Installments payments. Your customers can learn more about the Shop app from the Shop Help Center.

Installation requirements for the Shop app

You don't need to install the Shop app to let your customers to track orders from your store. If you want to use Shop to track deliveries for orders that you place online, then you can install the Shop app.

Shop is free, and is available on mobile devices with the following operating systems:

  • iOS (version 11.0 or later for Shop version 2.16.2 and later) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Android (version 5.0 or later) for smartphones and supported tablets

If your customers don't want to download the Shop app to their mobile device, then you can encourage them to use Shop on the web.

Online order tracking

Customers can use the Shop app to track any valid tracking number. After a customer creates a Shop account, Shop automatically syncs with Shopify to display all the orders that they've placed from stores that use Shopify.

For all other orders, if a customer uses Gmail or Outlook, such as and, then Shop can automatically locate emails with tracking numbers to identify orders to track. Customers using other email addresses can add tracking numbers manually.

To help you reduce your own support debt, you can let customers install the Shop app from your store's order status page, so that they can download the app and get updates on their order without contacting your store.


If you have Sell with Shop activated, then customers can interact with your Shop Store in the Shop app or Shop on the web. Your Shop Store includes your store's logo, name, and description. All of your eligible products are displayed in your Shop Store. Learn more about Shop merchant guidelines.

Customers can browse stores, collections, and products in the Shop app or Shop on the web, and can choose to add them to their favorites list. When browsing products, customers can add items to their cart by tapping Add to cart. Customers can also bypass the cart and purchase a single item through Shop's accelerated checkout by tapping Buy now next to a product.

Shop app collections

Customers can browse collections in Shop to discover stores and products that interest them. Shop's collections contain many categories and interests.

If your store is selected to be included in a collection on Shop, then an email is sent to your store's account owner email.

Shop favorites

Customers can use the Shop app to track their favorite products and stores by adding them to their favorites list.

Customers can set up push notifications to receive updates when a favorite product drops in price, or when a sold-out product is back in stock.

You can't access information about a customer's favorites, or customize the notifications that customers receive.

Shopping activity sync

Customers can choose to share their shopping activity from your online store to the Shop app.

Shop Pay and Shop sign-in features are offered by Shopify as a direct service from Shopify to consumers. If you choose to activate these features on your storefront, then Shopify collects associated data directly from Shop account users who choose to use these features, including as they browse your storefront after signing-in with Shop, consistent with Shopify’s Privacy Policy.

In order for your customers to be able to sync their shopping activity, you must have the Shop channel activated. Additionally, customers must be able to sign in to their Shop account on your online store in at least one of the following ways:

Customers must meet the following conditions met in order for their shopping activity to sync:

  • The customer has a Shop account.
  • The customer has signed in to your online store with their Shop account and has activated Sync shopping activity in the Shop app.

Your customer's browsing and shopping activity sync with your online store is impacted by your Shop settings, the customer's Shop app user settings, and whether the customer signs in with Shop during their online store session.

Shopping activity syncs when a customer signs in with their Shop account on your online store. Customers who have online store accounts that aren't connected to Shop won't have their activity synced when they sign in.

Cart sync

Customers who choose to sync their shopping activity can tailor and customize their experience across Shopify, including syncing carts between the Shop app and your online store. Cart sync between Shop and your online store only occurs when a customer signs in to their Shop account during their online store session.

Cart sync has the following behavior and limitations:

  • Cart sync always updates the cart to the newest item, and removes existing items from a previous cart.
  • Only eligible products can be synced. If a product is only available on the Shop app or online store, but not both, then the product won't be synced.
  • If a customer has a cart in the Shop app, and a cart in your online store, but doesn't sign in with Shop, then the carts won’t sync.

Customers can deactivate shopping activity sync by signing in to Shop and toggling the setting under Settings > Data & Privacy, or by choosing not to sign in to your online store with their Shop account.

When customers search for products or services in Shop, search results from stores that the customer follows are displayed first. By default, search results are sorted by how relevant the results are to the customer's search query. Customers can use filters to refine their search criteria.

Shop search results include stores that ship to the customer's location. For example, if a customer is located in the United States, then only stores that ship to the United States are displayed in the customer's search results. Learn more about setting up and managing shipping.

AI shopping assistant

Shop's AI shopping assistant uses ChatGPT to offer enhanced product recommendations to customers. Customers can chat with the AI shopping assistant to provide details about the kind of product they're looking for, and receive suggestions in return.

Customers can access the AI shopping assistant in the following ways:

You can't opt out of your products being recommended by Shop's AI shopping assistant.

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