Shop product reviews merchant guidelines

As a merchant who sells products on Shop, you need to follow Shop's guidelines to help ensure that product reviews remain a trustworthy and unbiased source of information for your customers.

Consider the following guidelines when collecting and replying to reviews from your customers:

  • If you encourage your customers to leave a review, then you need to do so in a neutral manner. You shouldn’t solicit positive reviews from your customer.
  • You shouldn't leave or solicit fake reviews, or reviews that pose a conflict of interest. For example, as a store owner, you, your employees, family members, or friends shouldn't review your products, or incentivize someone else to do so.
  • You shouldn't offer compensation in exchange for reviews. This includes money, discounts, free products, or refunds.
  • If a customer has already left a review, then you shouldn’t incentivize the customer to change or remove that review. This includes offering incentives such as money, discounts, free products, or refunds.
  • The reviews that you collect in Shop are the intellectual property of your customers. These are available to you for informational purposes only, and they aren't intended for use outside of the Shop app.
  • You should abide by Shop's prohibited behavior and content policies when you communicate with your customers about product reviews.

If you don't follow Shop's product reviews guidelines, then Shop may take appropriate action depending on the severity and number of violations.

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