Promote the Shop app through self-help resources

If you offer self-help resources for customer support in your online store, such as a chatbot, or a Shipping and Returns FAQ page, then consider adding a call to action (CTA) that encourages your customers to download the Shop app for inquiries about order status.

Add the Shop CTA to your self-help resources

Consider adding the Shop CTA to places where your customers go to find information about the status or their order. Whenever possible, include a link to download the Shop app.

If you're not comfortable reading and editing theme code, then you can work with a Shopify expert to help you make changes in your self-help tools.

Example messaging for your self-help resources

You can use the following message to encourage your customers to download the Shop app to track their packages.

The fastest and most accurate tracking information is available on the Shop app. <a href="" target="_blank">Download Shop</a> and get order details, real-time delivery notifications, and a live map view of all your online orders.
The Shop app can be used to track this order, and all other orders you place.

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