Terms and eligibility

To be eligible for Shop Promise, there are a set of requirements your store must meet and terms that you must agree to. These requirements are in place to ensure a consistent experience for merchants and customers. In some cases, the Shop Promise badge is removed from an order because not all items in your customer's cart are eligible for Shop Promise.

When determining your eligibility, there's a delay of approximately 12 hours. If you don't meet the terms and eligibility, then you can check your Shopify admin at least 12 hours later for an updated status. You should review the following criteria.

If you use Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN), then the Shop Promise badge can be displayed on your online store for products that are fulfilled by SFN.

Your store

Delivery and fulfillment

  • Your store ships domestically in the United States.
  • In the last 28 days:
    • You've shipped at least 25 orders.
    • At least 25% of the orders were delivered in five or less calendar days.
    • At least 90% of these orders had a shipping cost of 20 USD or less.

Shop Promise

  • You agree to Shopify communicating predicted delivery dates to your customers on your behalf.
  • You agree to leave the Shop Promise badge and delivery date estimates as provided, and you won't make any modifications.
  • You agree not to modify the Shop Promise logo, the delivery information displayed, or otherwise alter the functionality of Shop Promise.
  • You agree to deliver 90% of Shop Promise orders within the communicated delivery estimate.

Limited guarantee

  • By you using Shop Promise, you are directing Shopify to use information about your customer's order to help determine if they are eligible under the limited guarantee.
  • The limited guarantee is governed by the Shop Promise customer facing policies.
  • The usage of Shop Cash is governed by the Shop Cash Terms.

Additional terms

  • The sale of goods or services is solely between you (the merchant) and your customer. Shopify is not a party to these transactions.
  • Shopify is not and will not be responsible for any aspect of the products you sell.
  • Shopify is not responsible for the acts of your customers.
  • Except to the extent an inquiry is about claiming on the Shop Promise guarantee for late first delivery attempts or late arrivals of a Shop Promise order, you (the merchant) are solely responsible for investigating and resolving disputes with your customers, and Shopify will not intervene in or be responsible for any disputes.

If you meet all of the requirements, and don't know why your store isn't eligible for Shop Promise, then contact Shopify support.

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