Display Shop Promise on your product page

The Shop Promise badge is displayed beside delivery dates and on product pages for eligible deliveries that are estimated to be delivered domestically in the United States in five or less calendar days. This badge lets customers know that their order includes fast and reliable delivery.

After you activate Shop Promise, you should navigate to the product page using your theme editor to confirm that the Shop Promise badge is displaying correctly.

If the badge isn't displaying correctly, then you'll need to manually position the Shop Promise module.

Manually position the Shop Promise module

If you're comfortable reading and editing theme code, then you can identify where to make changes and update the product page.

Identify where to make changes

The code for the Shop Promise module needs to be included in the product form on the product page, which will look something like {%- form 'product', product -%}. The Shop Promise module can be found in various locations depending on your theme. The following are common locations:

  • main-product.liquid
  • product-form.liquid
  • product-template.liquid
  • product.liquid

Update the product page


  1. Open the relevant file.

  2. Find the line that contains {%- if block.settings.show_dynamic_checkout -%} or {{ form | payment_button }}.

  3. Create a new line directly below {%- if block.settings.show_dynamic_checkout -%}{{ form | payment_button }}{%- endif -%} and paste the following on that line:

<div class="delivery-promise__promise-container"></div>
  1. Click Save.

The result should look something like the following:

{%- if block.settings.show_dynamic_checkout -%}
  {{ form | payment_button }}
{%- endif -%}
<div class="delivery-promise__promise-container"></div>

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