Finding products and suppliers on the Shopify Collective app

You can find new products to sell and suppliers to work with directly in the Shopify Collective app, using the 'Discover' feature. When you find a supplier that you're interested in, you can request pricing.

Discover new products to sell

When you look for products, you can view information such as the product's description, retail price, and verified rating, together with details about the supplier. These include their brand description, social links, location, typical margin, average rating based on verified reviews, plus where they ship to and from, and the associated shipping rates.

To get more information about products, such as their margin and shipping costs, you need to request pricing. This requires you to send a message to the supplier, inviting them to connect with you on Shopify Collective. Your invitation includes information about your brand, such as your brand assets and social media links. A supplier receives your invitation by email, and they can accept your invitation, or continue the conversation by email. Some suppliers might respond faster than others.

After a supplier accepts your invitation, you'll receive an email confirming you're now connected. They should then share their price list with you. Learn more about inviting suppliers to connect on Shopify Collective.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. Click Collective (Retailer).
  3. Click Open app.

  4. From the Collective (Retailer) app, click Discover.

  5. Click a product that you want to view.

  6. Review the product's information and the supplier's information, such as shipping information or social media accounts.

  7. Click Request pricing.

  8. Use the templated message to introduce yourself, or customize it with your own words, then click Send.

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