Online checkout for your wholesale store

Although the default is for your wholesale customers to submit their orders for review, you can allow individual customers to pay for their orders at checkout in your wholesale store. You can also limit the amount that they can pay at checkout by setting a maximum order amount.

If you want your wholesale customers to pay at checkout for orders that are less than $100, then set the maximum order amount to $100. When an order is less than the $100, then the customer pays for the order at checkout. When an order is more than the $100, then your customer submits a draft order for your to review.

Your wholesale customer cannot choose whether to pay at checkout or to submit an order. The option to pay at checkout depends upon the amount of the order and the limit amount, if any. The customer also cannot split an order (that is, they can't pay for part of the order at checkout and submit a draft order for the remaining amount).

At checkout, the following rules are used to apply a shipping rate to a wholesale order:

  • If there is a wholesale shipping rate set in the Preferences page of the wholesale channel, then this rate is applied to the order.
  • If no shipping rate was set in the Preferences page of the wholesale channel, then the shipping rates that are set in the Shipping in your Shopify admin are offered to your online store customers to choose from.

Learn more about wholesale shipping rates.

Activate wholesale customers to pay at checkout

You must activate wholesale checkout for each customer that you want to allow to pay at checkout. You can activate this option for an individual customer from a customer's account page, or you can activate this option for multiple customers by using Bulk actions in the Customers page in the wholesale channel.

To activate wholesale checkout for a customer:

  1. Click Customers in the wholesale channel.
  2. Open a wholesale account by clicking the customer's name in the accounts table.
  3. Activate Wholesale checkout.
  4. If you want to limit the orders that the customer can pay at checkout, then select Activate a maximum amount for checkout. Enter the maximum amount that an order can have and still be payable at checkout.
  5. Click Save.
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