Creating orders

You can create orders and send invoices for your wholesale customers within your Shopify admin. To do this, create a draft order, add a wholesale customer, and then apply wholesale prices to the products ordered.

Each time that you apply wholesale pricing to a draft order, the prices of any wholesale products in the draft order are replaced with the prices from your customer's price list. So if you want to change a product's price or offer a line item discount, then you need to make these changes after you've applied the wholesale pricing.

Before you begin

You need an existing customer who has a wholesale account. You will add this customer to the draft order so that their wholesale pricing can be applied to the order.

You can create a wholesale order in your Shopify admin for any customer who has a price list. This customer does not also need to be able to log into your wholesale store.

Create a wholesale draft order

To create a wholesale draft order:

  1. Create a draft order as you would normally:
    1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders, and then click Drafts.
    2. Click Create order.
    3. In the Find or create customer field, add your wholesale customer.
    4. Click Browse products and add the products and variants that your customer wants. Don't worry if the prices for your products aren't your wholesale prices. You will apply the wholesale prices later.
    5. Click Save draft order.
  2. After you have added the products to the order, apply wholesale pricing to the items in the order:
    1. Click More actions and then select Apply wholesale pricing:
      Apply wholesale pricing
      If any of your line items breaks a price rule, such as minimum or maximum order quantities or increment amounts, then a warning displays at the top of the draft order. To correct the line item amount, click Cancel, change the amount ordered, and then reapply the wholesale pricing. You can also choose to ignore these warnings and not make any changes.
    2. Click Confirm pricing to save the wholesale prices in the draft order.
  3. Click Add Shipping and enter the wholesale shipping cost. If you don't specify a value for shipping, then the shipping options from your online store are offered to your wholesale customers.
  4. If needed, then add taxes and discounts to the draft order.
  5. Click Send Invoice to send an invoice to your customer that includes instructions on how to pay for their order. A copy of this invoice is also available to your wholesale store customers from their account page in your wholesale store.

You can also create orders with pre-filled customer information from existing customer profiles.

Next steps

After you've sent an invoice to your customer, you can process their order.

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