Wholesale subdomains

Add a subdomain to your wholesale store and provide a branded website address to your wholesale customers.

When your wholesale store is created, its domain is set to myshopify-name.wholesale.shopifyapps.com, but you can change it to help your wholesale customers find your wholesale store.

You can change the domain of your wholesale store to point to a subdomain of an existing domain, whether it's already associated with your online store or not:

  • Your online store's primary domain - Most merchants choose this method. For example, if your primary domain is mystore.com, then you could create subdomains, such as wholesale or warehouse. Your wholesale store's URL could be wholesale.mystore.com or warehouse.mystore.com.
  • A different domain from your online store - For example, if you purchased an another domain, such as myorganization.com, then you could create subdomains, such as wholesale or warehouse. Your wholesale store's URL could be warehouse.myorganization.com or warehouse.mycompanywarehouse.com. You cannot use www as a subdomain.

Set up a subdomain for your wholesale store

To set up a subdomain for your wholesale store:

  1. Add a CNAME record to your domain. The CNAME needs to point to wholesale-shops.shopifyapps.com. For example, if you want your wholesale store to use the domain wholesale.mystore.com, then for the mystore.com domain, add a CNAME with the name wholesale that points to wholesale-shops.shopifyapps.com.

    If you purchased your domain through Shopify, then you need to follow the instructions to add the CNAME record to your Shopify-managed domain. If your domain provider is a third-party provider, then there are instructions for editing the DNS settings for common third-party domain provider.

  2. Connect the subdomain to your wholesale store:

    1. From the Preferences page in the wholesale channel, click Connect domain.
    2. Enter the subdomain that you set up for your wholesale store in your domain provider. For example, wholesale.mystore.com.
    3. Click Verify Connection to verify that your subdomain is working. When you add a CNAME to a domain, it can take up to 24 hours for this change to take effect. If you click Verify Connection and it doesn't succeed, then try again later.

Add the CNAME record to your Shopify-managed domain

If Shopify manages your domain (that is you purchased your domain through Shopify) then you can add the CNAME record using your Shopify admin. The CNAME record needs to point to wholesale-shops.shopifyapps.com for your wholesale store.

To add a CNAME for your wholesale store when Shopify manages your domain:

  1. In your Shopify admin, open the online store Domains page.

  2. Open the Shopify-managed domain that you want to use for your wholesale subdomain.

  3. Click DNS settings.

  4. Click Add custom record > CNAME record and enter the following information:

    Information required for your CNAME record
    Name Points to
    Enter the subdomain name that you want. For example, if you want your subdomain to be wholesale.mystore.com, then enter wholesale. Change the value to wholesale-shops.shopifyapps.com

Where to go for help

If you need help creating your CNAME for your wholesale subdomain, then you should contact your third-party provider's support team. Shopify's support team will be more limited in assisting you because every provider is different. When you call your provider for support, you can tell them that you want your subdomain (your CNAME record) to point to wholesale-shops.shopifyapps.com.

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