Fulfilling Handshake orders

Until Handshake becomes a full marketplace, you need to process your orders outside of Handshake, such as within your Shopify admin. You can create draft orders from your Shopify store to send invoices to the retailers who want to purchase wholesale from you.

When you create a draft order, you can add the products that the retailer ordered, create a customer profile for the retailer, and charge any necessary taxes and shipping fees. You can enter a custom amount for taxes and shipping fees, so you don't need to change the tax or shipping settings in your Shopify admin for wholesale orders.

After you send the invoice to the customer, they can complete the payment through any payment methods you have enabled in your payment settings. After the customer pays the invoice, the draft order becomes an order in your Shopify admin, where you can process the fulfillment.

For more information on draft orders, refer to Creating draft orders. For more information on fulfilling orders, refer to Fulfilling orders.

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